About Us

We are both animal lovers from Stanford-Le-Hope, who have spent the last few years surrounded by dogs. Our children are growing up fast and we decided this is the way we wanted to spend our days, hence 4Paws was born.

'The decision to turn our passion into our profession was an easy one'

4paws essex ownersDeb: After several years working in a secondary school I soon discovered that I prefer the company of animals. I adore my family and they keep me very busy but I realised I am happiest when I’m surrounded by our four legged friends. I have had dogs and cats all my life but the real turning point for me was breeding my Black Labrador Jet (I am a KC registered breeder with my own certified Kennel Name), it is the most amazing and rewarding experience to raise a litter of puppies and from that first time my dog obsession kept growing, which then led into Dog grooming.

I hope to expand our 4Paws family and be surrounded by dogs as often as possible whether it's just for a regular groom or for 2 weeks at home while our customers are on holiday, my husband has resigned himself to the fact that the dogs will get their dinner before him and that he has to share the house and sofa with whichever of 4paws friends we happen to have at the time but he and the kids love having dogs around and it's just too quiet and empty without them so that's how we got here!

Jen: I've always been passionate and loved being around animals from an early age. Unsurprisingly my chosen career was as a veterinary nurse, which also led to travelling abroad and I soon found myself working on dairy farms, it always ends up being about the animals.

Along with raising my family I've always kept my love of the outdoors while caring for my own and others pets.

It is because of this adoration of our 4 legged friends that I became a qualified Dog Groomer, meaning I am fortunate enough to be doing something I love!