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Dog Walking

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Small group: Group walks encourage strong, social bonds and to be in a pack environment feels very natural to them. Your dog will be taken on a walk with no more than 4 other dogs per handler. Their size, temperament, breed and mobility level will determine which group they go with. The walk will take them to a local, country park or equivalent outdoor space for at least an hour (often longer) exclusive of travel time. Dogs can be walked both on and off the lead, to the owner's preference. The first off the lead walk will be initially handled in a securely enclosed area to make sure they return on recall.

Solo walk: This is our more personalised VIP service, giving your pet our total undivided attention. This can be particularly beneficial for dogs who are nervous or young as it can build a rapport with the handler. Your dog is walked in surroundings familiar to them at a local park or area. Dogs that are less socialised are accepted, with the proposition that they behave with the handler, other dogs and the general public. This walk comes with the option of 30 minutes minimum to 1 hour maximum.

For socialisation & fun opt for the group walk and for the more private pooch, choose a solo walk of your choice.

Making sure your pet is walked regularly, can benefit them greatly, Dogs are creatures of routine, so they thrive on daily exercise. Regular walks stimulate their joints and muscles, making for a healthier pet, with the possibility of elongated life. It can also have effects on their behaviour; meaning that they tend to be more relaxed (staying clear of your slippers!) A regularly walked dog is less likely to suffer from behavioural issues. Also, socialising your pets during a walk can be a bonus for them too. Our dog walking service can relieve your pet of the stress, boredom and behavioural issues associated with a lack of walks.

Door to door service: We only leave when your dog is settled with fresh water and a treat.

The benefits of walking: Regular walking can improve the quality and longevity of your dogs life: A regular walking routine will result in a happy, healthy, confident, calm dog. A dog that is not walked often enough could become anxious, bored, nervous or destructive and at the very least unhappy.
Most experts agree that a minimum daily walk should be 30 - 45 minutes for most dogs with certain breeds such as high energy, working or sporting dogs requiring more, allowing them physical, social and mental stimulation to be well balanced & contented.

Every new customer receives a FREE consultation; which is an opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and your pets. It is also a great way for us to understand your pets' specific needs and requirements. You can also obtain a copy of our public liability insurance, our enhanced police check and our terms and conditions.

We walk in these areas:

  • One Tree Hill
  • Thurrock Thameside Nature Reserve
  • Laindon Conservation Centre
  • Coalhouse Fort
  • Davy Dawn
  • Chafford Gorges

We cover these areas:

  • Thurrock
  • Stanford le Hope
  • Corringham
  • Fobbing
  • Horndon On The Hill
  • Orsett
  • Laindon
  • Basildon
  • Bulphan
  • East Tilbury/Tilbury
  • Grays
  • Chafford Hundred
  • North Stifford
  • Stifford Clays
  • Purfleet
  • Aveley
  • South Ockendon