Pet Grooming Services

Home Boarding

We all need a holiday! So we can be there when you can't: offering a home boarding service gives your pet a comfortable time away from you. Some pets find it distressing to be placed in kennels, so keeping them in a warm safe environment with plenty of TLC, you can relax and not have to worry. To guarantee our VIP service we only take in two dogs at the same time meaning there is plenty of time and attention to go around also our home boarding includes a daily walk with lots of friends, so it will be a holiday for them too!

While they are with us why not treat your dog to a ‘pamper package’ in our grooming parlour or just a bath so they are clean & fresh for your return.

Our customers are welcome to visit us at home to see where your VIP will be taking their holiday.

All pets must be flea treated, wormed & inoculated prior to arrival

Unfortunately bitches in season, and unneutered males over nine months old cannot be accepted for home boarding.