Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wait with my dog?

No, it is not advisable as this can be unsettling as the dog will inevitably try to get to you whilst on the table etc. which may cause a safety issue

Do you do Anal glands?

Yes, anal glands can be expressed at your request for an additional fee.

How long does it take?

It varies greatly from dog to dog and is dependent on coat type & condition, we will advise you at the consultation stage once we see the dog we will give you an estimated time frame and we call you 15 minutes before finish.

Do you cut nails?

Yes, nails are always cut as part of the standard full groom process or if you want nails only we offer that for £5.

My dog suffers with her ears, do you remove hair?

Yes, ears are plucked as part of the standard full groom process, and should be done regularly to help combat infections and other common ear problems.

Will you just bath my dog, it’s a staffie?

Yes, we offer an express dog wash service for short haired coats but can also, blow dry, cut nails & clean ears etc. all dogs can be groomed.

Do you have to shave my dog?

No, some coat types are better suited to scissor trimming or even hand stripping.

Will I be able to meet the person who will be looking after/walking my pet?

Of course! 4Paws is run by Deb and Jen. A duo who are very passionate about pets. We understand that pets all have their own individual personalities and requirements, so establishing this before any service is provided is very important to us. We offer a free consultation/home visit before anything is agreed so that all parties can be assured everything is clear and handled appropriately, to the owner's preference and the pet's ability.

What does cat feeding include?

We recommend once or twice daily visit for food, water and changing of the litter tray, not forgetting that all important affection they may be missing. We can also include holiday service ie: water plants open/close curtains etc.

Do you need to keep a key to my house?

Not necessarily, however it may be more convenient for you especially if its unexpected or last minute we can usually fit you in. Where we are keyholders we use a colour coded system and lock box at one property, addresses and details are kept at another property.

For occasional services we can collect a key and post back through your door when finished.

Will you provide food for my pet during home boarding?

Unfortunately not. It is the owner's discretion to provide 4Paws with the appropriate food supplies for their furry pal. It would be helpful to inform us on any other comforts your pets likes/needs to make your being away as smooth as possible.

What happens if my pet needs to be taken to the vet during home boarding?

We will do our best to contact you prior to seeking medical advice and where possible will use your own veterinary practice, However if it is an emergency, we will use our discretion and make sure your pet receives the care it requires. Any bills are payable by the owner.

What is your recommended amount of visits a day for the small animal feeding service?

Your pets will need to be fed at LEAST once a day. However we recommend 2 visits a day to ensure your pets are thoroughly nourished and well cared for.

Are you insured?

Yes! We are fully insured to take care of your pets. We are also enhanced CRB checked, certificates available on request.

How much time does it take to do the small animal feeding service?

Depending on circumstances, visiting & feeding your pets takes an average of 20 – 40 minutes to ensure they receive adequate attention

Can my dog be walked off the lead?

Yes! You have to sign a consent form, giving us the permission to do so. We also recommend and carry-out a recall test first in an enclosed area to make sure walking off the lead is achievable and safe.

Will my pet continue to receive his/her medication during my absence?

Of course. We will require a medication form confirming the required dosage and type of medication first. Then, we will make sure your pet receives the treatment they need.

Will you clean out my rabbit hutch?

Yes! We can clean any pet enclosure, just leave the relevant cleaning tools & bedding/material to be used.

Do you accept bitches in season/uncastrated males

Unfortunately bitches in season and uncastrated males over 9 months old are not accepted.

What do I need to provide for the dog walking service?

A collar & lead and if you prefer that we treat/feed your pet after, please provide us with it (arrange in advance or leave a note). It is best to fully discuss your individual desires before the walk.

What do I do about my cat flap?

It is best advised that your cat/pet is kept indoors, so keep it shut! This is to ensure that when we visit, we are able to make sure your pet is there. This also means that we can make sure the health of your pet is good and that nothing is wrong. If you wish to keep the cat flap open, a disclaimer will need to be signed before the visit.

What happens if my pet goes missing while I am away?

In the unfortunate case of a missing pet, we will inform you and the local animal shelters of the missing pet, to keep an eye out. We will also contact your neighbours, in case they have seen or will see him/her. Agreed visits will still continue in case your pet makes reappearance.